San Francisco Substance Abuse Intervention
in the Bay Area

Welcome to Intervention Works San Francisco’s top intervention specialists. Providing custom consultations for the drug, family, mental and other complicated situations. We can travel to your home and facilitate the intervention process. We also invest time previewing different facilities around California and out of State. It is extremely important for us to spend time at any place we recommend to our clients. Giving our approval and making sure it exceeds current industry standards and more.

There are many situations and experiences that can destroy families and relationships. If you are reaching out for a loved one or needing help personally we can provide a customized plan to help navigate through these rough waters. Having a professional intervention in a controlled and caring environment can be the first steps to success and rebuilding your life. An intervention is an act of love, kindness and concern, with the goal of getting your loved one the right treatment needed.

Mental Health Intervention in San Francisco Bay Area

One of the most important factors in these situations is having the right team behind you and being completely organized for all situations. Cassia Bloom and Shawn Smith have the sensitivity and experience to handle family, corporate and professionals. Intervention Services Include:

  • Forming and educating the intervention team.
  • Gathering data about the chemically dependent or suffering person and putting it in a useful format.
  • Making treatment recommendations and facilitating access to treatment.
  • Conducting a rehearsal, the intervention and creating a safe space for all participants.
  • Case management.
  • Sensitivity and confidentiality at all times.

Because Every Situation is Unique,

The Approach Will Vary Accordingly

San Francisco Gambling Intervention

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San Francisco Family/Relationship Intervention

Family and Relationships can be complicated. Open communication with a non biased mediator who can help bring communication together and to work through difficult family or relationship issues.

San Francisco Sex Intervention

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San Francisco Elderly Intervention

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