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Intervention Works can travel to your home and facilitate the intervention process. It is common for us to travel around our city and out of state. We also invest time previewing different facilities around California and out of State. It is extremely important for us to spend time at any place we recommend to our clients. Giving our approval and making sure it exceeds current industry standards and more.

Substance Abuse Intervention

Alcohol and other drugs can destroy families and end careers, but there is a way to get help before that happens. When someone needs help but refuses to accept it, it is time for an intervention.  It often takes a life crisis to motivate a person to enter treatment.  Arrests such as a DUI or drug-related charges, loss of marriage, family, health, job or academic standing are all examples of common crises in the lives of alcoholics and addicts.  Unfortunately, a percentage of them lead impaired lives, and many face long-term incarceration or even premature death from substance related health concerns, accidental overdose and even suicide.

Through the process of intervention, a group of caring individuals initiate a “controlled crisis” in the life of the chemically dependent person before outside forces create unpredictable and often severe consequences. An intervention is an act of love, kindness and concern, with the goal of getting your loved one the treatment they need.

Santa Cruz County Intervention Specialists Services

Providing Intervention services and working with clients from all over the Santa Cruz County: Aptos, Capitola, Soquel, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Felton, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek.

An intervention should not be undertaken without the advice and counsel of a professional, experienced expert help in specializing in mental health and substance abuse interventions. Owner’s Cassia Bloom and Shawn Smith have the sensitivity and knowledge required to handle family and corporate or professional issues involved in an intervention. Intervention Services include:

  • Forming and educating the intervention team.
  • Gathering data about the chemically dependent or suffering person and putting it in a useful format.
  • Making treatment recommendations and facilitating access to treatment.
  • Conducting a rehearsal, the intervention and creating a safe space for all participants.
  • Case management.
  • Sensitivity and confidentiality at all times.

Because every situation is unique, the approach will vary accordingly.

Mental Health Intervention

Mental health problems such as severe mood disorders, eating disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and hoarding can make it impossible to maintain employment, engage in healthy relationships and enjoy meaningful lives. Many people who suffer from these disorders experience denial and shame and don’t get the help they need. Intervention works specializes in mental health interventions. This is a caring and compassionate intervention style encompassing a wide variety of therapeutic skills with the goal of getting someone to treatment.

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